The drip irrigation system is designed for watering corn on an area of 300 hectares. It is applied at ambient temperature from + 5s to + 60s, relative humidity up to 80%.

The drip irrigation system consists of the following main elements:

  • Filtration;

  • Trunk and distribution flexible pipelines-Layflety;

  • Crane groups;

  • Drip tapes;

Irrigation water is supplied to the filtration system, where irrigation water is purified from mechanical particles and bioflora. Next, the filtered water is fed into the system of pipelines - Leiflet. On the main pipelines, control valves are additionally installed, which serve to distribute the flow and water speed. Then, with the help of distribution pipelines, water flows to each irrigation cage.

On each irrigation cage, valves / pressure regulators (various diameters) with the possibility of remote control are installed as shut-off and control valves. Then, water is supplied through pressure control valves to drip tapes, from where water enters directly into the root zone of the plant.